Underwater Marathon

Helping Provide World-Class Care to America's Injured Warriors

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$372,000 raised for the Eagle Fund – THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the September 2012 event a success! Check back for information regarding the 2nd Underwater Marathon to be held September 2014.

Underwater Marathon


Congratulations to of the teams who competed. Click here to see the final race results for each team.


Photos from the event are now available on Shutterfly. Click here to see the album.


We still have some tshirts and pint glasses left for purchase. Please click here for special pricing and contact us to purchase.


September 2014 information TBD


Anyone can run underwater!
(even if you can't run on land)


Don't worry that you can't run 26.2 or even 3 miles on land. On a HydroWorx underwater treadmill— literally anyone can do it.

Marc, a Randolph YMCA member, has had a total of 9 knee surgeries, including 3 total knee replacements. He was barely able to walk up stairs, let alone exercise or run on land. Through the use of the underwater treadmill he now runs on the HydroWorx underwater treadmill 3-4 times a week! Watch Marc's Story below.

Here's why and how YOU can do it:

  • Water’s buoyancy take away 80% of your body weight (a 200 lb. person is approximately 40 lbs. on the underwater treadmill)
  • Water’s hydrostatic pressure helps remove lactic acid and metabolic waste by optimally "flushing" the lymphatic and cardiovascular system — so, you won’t be sore during or after!
  • The Marathon pool for the event will be a perfect 86-88 degrees so the run will be both enjoyable and therapeutic
  • The HydroWorx underwater treadmills have an adjustable speed control so you can pick your ideal pace

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2012 Event Partners:
  • The Eagle Fund
  • Athletes Performance
  • HydroWorx
  • The Andrews Institute
  • Troegs
2012 White Sponsors:
  • Barrier Reef
  • Cleveland Brothers
2012 Blue Sponsors:
  • McClure Company
  • Pinnacle Health
  • Highmark
  • RLS Construction Group
2012 Silver Sponsors:
  • CTS
  • 206 Design
  • HAAS Printing